Geoffrey Livesey BSc PhD RPHNutr

Dr Geoff Livesey is an experienced nutritional biochemist applying knowledge in research and consulting undertaken at various locations worldwide.

Formerly with the Universities of Surrey, Keele, Oxford and East Anglia in the United Kingdom, and associated with two of their University Hospitals (Radcliffe at Oxford, and Norfolk and Norwich at East Anglia) he is now a Director of the consultancy firm Independent Nutrition Logic Ltd (Wymondham, UK).

His company works closely with industry to ensure a regulatory position on their products is underpinned by strong scientific rationale, that ventures into new areas are supported by a sound evidence base on a nutrition and health sciences platform, and that products are guarded against ill-disciplined third party research.

Dr Livesey has produced successful high level documents for regulatory activities, including in person presentations in private on behalf of industries, and following selective invitation by regulatory authorities to review their position from an expert viewpoint.


Country Experience
Professional Affiliation
Contributions to non-regulatory expert bodies: British Nutrition Foundation (London), the Life Sciences Research Office, FASEB (Washington DC), the Institute of Life Science, Europe (Brussels) and North America (Washington DC ), the Institute of Medicine (Washington DC), the Food and Agricultural Organization (Rome). The World Health Organization (Geneva)
Society membership: The Nutrition Society, Fellow of the Association for Nutrition, Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, Professional Member of Diabetes UK, Member of the Nutrition Form Committee, Leatherhead Food Research, Registered Public Health Nutritionist
Expertise Area
Foods and health
Ingredients and health
Tolerance of ingredients
Food energy / calories
Carbohydrates and health outcomes
Low calorie ingredients
Dietary fibres
Energy balance and obesity
Company (as employee)
Knowledge Area
Evidence gathering
Evidence analysis
Evidence synthesis
Study design
Statistical and visual (graphical) analysis (Stata software)
Presentation (International meetings, workshops, boardrooms)
Publication (food control, nutrition, health and related science journals)
Review and commentary of existing works, positions, and opinions
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