About Us
Acumentia is a group of independent consultants in the applied biosciences field. The Chairman and Board of Directors are elected annually by the members and serve without remuneration. The registered office is at the Science and Technology Centre on the Reading University campus in the UK.
Clients come to Acumentia for unrivalled scientific and management service, chiefly in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Clients value Acumentia's multiple expertise, flexibility, true independence and professional standards.

If you are looking at Acumentia for the first time, you might be a start-up company, a government department, a large corporation or anything in between but you will be looking for solutions to challenges such as:
  • Technical difficulties
  • Interim Management
  • Business development overviews
  • Comprehensive surveys of new fields
  • Fresh approaches to intractable issues
Acumentia consultants operate from the UK and from several other locations around the world. They are acknowledged experts in their own fields and operate their own individual consultancies. They will, if required to operate in teams of two or more, do so as  "Acumentia Consulting Ltd".

Members meet regularly to maintain their knowledge and expertise and remain in close contact via a monthly internal newsletter. In addition, they issue a quarterly external newsletter for the world to read (see News).